Pats Do Karaoke; We Have Pictures (And Video!)

A sampling of the New England Patriots assembled for a good cause put together by their special teams captain, Larry Izzo.

Wes Welker Kelly Washington

That cause, apparently, was getting drunk and looking silly. And really, what better cause is there?

BUSTED COVERAGE found some of the photos on FLICKR, and they’re all worth a look. Wes Welker and Kelly Washington (above) got their groove on with (in order) long snapper Lonnie
, tight end Ben Watson, and punter Mike Dragosavich.

Patriots long snapper Lonnie Paxton

Patriots tight end Ben Watson

patriots punter Mike Dragosovich

Notably absent was Tom Brady, who never sings unless he has Adam Vinatieri to sing after him. That’s just how he rolls.

UPDATE: Matt Walsh must have made it to the party, because we now have video!