Pats Blast ESPN Over Erroneous Brady Coverage

ESPN was blabbering on all day yesterday about how the Patriots are bent out of shape that Tom Brady didn’t go to a team-picked doctor in Boston, but instead went to go to a physician of his own choosing out in California for his knee surgery — the knee surgery which has gone so horribly wrong that they might have to do the whole thing over again. But last night, the Pats issued a statement taking exception with ESPN’s reporting on the story.

Tom Brady's knee

It’s funny, since ESPN was so diligent about not reporting anything related to Brett Favre’s alleged calls to Matt Millen to expose the Packers’ super secret game plan against the Lions.  The press release from the Pats about the Brady situation is a passive-aggressive masterpiece.

The ESPN story not only suggested that the Pats were ticked off over the doctor choice, but also includes an ominous quote from someone close to Brady:

“Tom is looking at months, not weeks, to fix this.”

FANHOUSE linked to the BOSTON GLOBE’s copy of the official statement:

“Today, ESPN cited an unnamed source who supposedly expressed the feelings of the Patriots ‘organization.’ This unsubstantiated report does not represent the team’s views whatsoever. We have supported Tom Brady one hundred percent from day one of this process and will continue to do so. We issued a statement last Saturday expressing our complete organizational support for Tom. That support includes all aspects of the process. Unfortunately, our statement was not mentioned or referenced in ESPN’s report. Today, we reiterate our total support for Tom as he recovers from his injury.”


PRO FOOTBALL TALK theorizes that the Patriots aren’t big fans of ESPN, and are taking the opportunity to pile on the network just for kicks.

Adam Gretz of FANHOUSE sums up ESPN’s possible hypocrisy in all of this:

To review: ESPN sent an internal company memo earlier this week demanding everyone shut up about Brett Favre’s conservations with Matt Millen, mainly because it was a report they couldn’t confirm.

Then, today, ESPN ran with a report about the Patriots being honked off about Tom Brady’s knee, and then the Patriots turn around and call ESPN out for reporting an unsubstantiated report that couldn’t be further from the truth, as far as the Patriots are concerned. 

So is ESPN being accused of protecting the Gunslinger and trying to drum up controversy with the Pretty Boy? ESPN has added a portion of the Patriots’ statement to their story, but is still, as I write this, not backing off its original story by continuing to run it on the news crawl.