Blog-O-Rama: Pats’ “Super Bowl Shuffle” Rebuttal

• CAN’T STOP THE BLEEDING digs up the Pats’ putrid rebuttal to the ‘85 Bears’ Super Bowl Shuffle:

• ODENIZED discovers Deron Williams of the Utah Jazz can’t get any help moving.

• Meanwhile, POST GAME HEROES shows how the Pittsburgh Penguins purchase their BMWs - while acting rather badly.

• FAN IQ spots Dominique Wilkins as a slam dunk judge - for the NHL All-Star Game:

Dominique Wilkins NHL All-Star judge

• Racist comments aren’t just for LSU fans anymore, as SCOTT VAN PELT STYLE hears a female Tar Heels fan telling the Maryland Terps to “Go back to the ghetto!

• THE RECLINER GM meets the man who made history by drafting Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan.

• DEUCE OF DAVENPORT asks those heading for Phoenix this week, are you ready for the sex girls?

Paris Hilton 2 shots

• THE HALL OF VERY GOOD looks fondly back at a time where a team like the Orioles could have four 20-game winners in their pitching rotation.

• Staying nostalgic, The SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER remembers when the Harlem Globetrotters once lost to a small Washington school.

• ULTIMATE MMA NEWS punches up video of a fighter explaining how he almost got into fisticuffs with Brian Urlacher - at a charity event.

Brian Urlacher boob grab

• The WINSTON-SALEM JOURNAL has the scary story of a Wake Forest running back who threatened to blow up the school.