Pats-Giants Game To Be Broadcast On NBC & CBS

The Patriots’ Pursuit of Perfection* will be presented to the public, after all:

CBS NBC old logos

BLOOMBERG trumpets the news that New England’s regular-season finale against the New York Giants will be shown on CBS and NBC.

The NFL agreed to simulcast Saturday’s game on the two networks, with both carrying the NFL Network feed. The contest was originally only available on the NFLN, which has about the same effective coverage as the Raiders’ secondary.

The P-Men/G-Men matchup will be the second time an NFL contest has been simulcast on different TV networks. Back in ‘67, CBS & NBC both aired the first-ever Super Bowl. Sadly, neither network has any remaining footage of the telecast.

The historic moment is no so big a concern for Giants fans, as the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS notes that many seats at the Meadowlands have been put up for sale by season ticket holders.

New York Giants stadium cold

As one Giants fan rationalized, “I’d like to see history, sure. But I don’t want to see history freezing my butt off while (Tom) Coughlin is pulling all his best players in the second quarter.”

Now thanks to the NFL’s decision, such fans can enjoy the spectacle from their warm & comfy homes - while making a nice profit on the side.

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(*“The Patriots’ Pursuit of Perfection” is a registered trademark of ESPN Networks, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Co. Any rebroadcast or retransmission without the expressed written consent of Sean Salisbury is prohibited.)