Patriots Gamble, Decline To Franchise Randy Moss

The New England Secret Filmers Patriots decided not to put the franchise tag on Randy Moss, who set an NFL record with 23 TD catches this season.

Randy Moss Patriots

It’s hard to tell exactly what this means. Just ask the HARTFORD COURANT, which spent the first two paragraphs of a story talking about the decision thusly.

“The Patriots did not designate Randy Moss as a franchise player Thursday, a decision that could indicate the sides are close to agreeing to multiyear contract or at least confident one can be reached in the near future.

It could also mean the Patriots are willing to let him become a free agent. However, that seems like a less likely scenario given the mutual affection and respect between coach Bill Belichick and Moss. Then again, personal feelings tend to go out the window the minute the sides sit down at the negotiating table.”

OK, so, what now? This is a good sign for Patriots fans? No, a bad sign? Is this already a done deal in secret? Does New England have secret footage of Moss smoking up while running over a meter maid? Is he going to make a cash grab somewhere else? Can’t we just talk about Gisele Bundchen?

Gisele Bundchen

Yes, that’s better.