Who Knew? Ex-Pats Cheerleader’s Fat Guy Fetish?

The BOSTON HERALD has this today, “New England Patriots [team stats] center Dan Koppen and his honey, ex-Pats cheerleader Amber van Eeghen tied the knot in Cranston, R.I., over the weekend. Amber, who is the subject of the Blues Traveler tune “Amber Awaits,” is the daughter of retired NFL great Mark Van Eeghen.

Lardass Love Triangle

We love how there’s a link to the Pats’ “team stats” next to Koppen’s name. We had no idea center-QB exchanges were now an officially-tracked NFL statistic.

This is a great story in so many ways. First off, it’s an excuse to mention one of the all-time NFL greats, Mark van Eeghen. Then, we find out this ex-Pats cheerleader was the subject of a song written by John Popper during his pre-esophagus-tightening-procedure days.

So does that mean that she had a romantic interlude with Popper (god, we hope not)? And then married an NFL offensive lineman? We thought we’d reached the end of the fetish list with the Max Mosely Nazi-Holocaust-themed sex orgy. But being attracted to fat, hairy quasi-celebrities might need an add.