Patriot Caught with Drugs, Helps Capture Dealer

THE BOSTON GLOBE reports today that Nick Kaczur, a starting offensive tackle for the AFC Champion New England Patriots, was pulled over for doing 76 in a 65 last April on the New York State Thruway. That’s when police discovered a “small amount of controlled substance for which he did not have a prescription” - oxycodone, a pain reliever.

Nick Kaczur and Tom Brady

He was arrested for criminal possession of a controlled substance in the seventh degree, punishable by up to a year in jail. That’s when Kaczur accepted an offer to help capture his dealer by making three more purchases from him at $4,000 apiece. Police arrested the alleged dealer, Daniel Ekasala, at the last purchase on May 13th.

The NFL, the New England Patriots, the New York attorney general’s office and Kaczur had no comment. Having said that, Kaczur’s no comment was the most colorful: “I don’t know what you’re talking about, bro.”

First, some housekeeping: there’s seven degrees of criminal possession of a controlled substance in the state of New York? That’s like a checklist for Tatum O’Neal. Next, they’re pulling over people in New York for 76 in a 65 and searching them for painkillers? Don’t they know that Spitzer’s out of office and they don’t have to impress him anymore?

We feel the criminal aspects of this case are best summarized by Asst. US Attorney Brian T. Kelly, in response to Ekasala’s defense lawyer’s suggestion that he may use a “jock sniffer” defense at trial: “The crazy fan defense doesn’t seem real plausible, but it will be up to a jury to decide.”

On the other hand, we feel the same sympathy for Kaczur as we did for Brett Favre if Kaczur truly does have a painkiller addiction. We can’t even put down our Coke Zero to type this sentence, so we can’t imagine the difficulties of pain management in such a violent sport.

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