Patrick Schuster Throws Fourth Straight No-Hitter

As amazing a feat as it was, when Mitchell High School’s Patrick Schuster threw his third consecutive no-hitter last Monday, he didn’t set the Florida high school record. He only tied the mark, as both Ben Webb (1985) and Sam Militello (1987) had done the same thing. So when Schuster took the mound again last night, he did so with the chance to break the record against the Pasco High School Pirates (the American kind of pirates, not the Somali).

Patrick Schuster

Schuster did just that. He struck out 17 Pirates on the way to his fourth straight no-hitter, and he did so in front of a bout 1,000 people, a dozen scouts, and his future college coach at the University of Florida, Kevin O’Sullivan.


Schuster threw 106 pitches and allowed four base runners: Brennan Allen reached on a dropped third strike, Brandon McSwain walked, Sage Stephens was hit by a pitch and Jorge Jaramillo led off the seventh inning when shortstop Conner Hale mishandled a ground ball.

But Schuster, undaunted, struck out two of the last three batters, including designated hitter Trejon Smith, to end the game.

“Schuster is very, very good,” Pasco coach Ricky Giles said. “I told our guys, ‘You didn’t lose to a slouch.’ He has it all. He’s one of the best I’ve seen.”

Wait, he allowed four baserunners?  This kid sucks.

Seriously, though, I’m not even sure I could throw four straight strikes, and here’s this kid throwing four straight no-hitters. It’s pretty much unbelievable. Still, the most amazing thing about all of this may be the fact that Schuster still doesn’t own the country’s high school record for consecutive no-nos.

That record would be six straight, which blows my mind. How horrible are high school hitters?

Patrick will go for his fifth straight next Tuesday.