Patrick Roy Will Scare Your Kid And Make Her Cry

NHL legend Patrick Roy has proven less than popular as coach of his Québec junior hockey team, as we’ve chronicled here before. But now he’s graduating to outright supervillainy; he’s terrifying little girls.

Patrick Roy

Roy’s Québec Remparts traveled to face the Shawinigan Cataractes, and coach Roy got into it with a fan behind the bench. Their French Canadian profanity was so overwhelming, it literally brought the heckling fan’s daughter to tears.

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The incident is reported in French
, so I’m going off of three years of high school language classes (it should have been two, but I failed a year). So basically, don’t believe a word of my translation.

“He was behind the Remparts’ bench and launched several insults at the coach. The man left the scene with his child, a little girl who cried”, explained security agent Ronald St-Onge Lynch.

Patrick Roy complained to the referees about the behavior exhibited by the Cataractes’ fan. They then ejected him. “The referees said to us that they would not start the game as long as the man did not leave the Bionest Center and that if needed, they would call the police”, said Réal Marineau, director of operations for the Cataractes.

Roy’s Remparts lost the game 5-4, and he proceeded to eat a live puppy.