Patrick Roy Reportedly Offered Avs Coaching Job

The Colorado Avalanche finished dead last in the Western Conference this season and are now a noxious combination of old and untalented. (Joe Sakic actually created the Rocky Mountains with his slap shot. True story.) With few opportunities to get better quickly, the team’s turned to the old standby: bring back the old star to coach.

Patrick Roy

Or so it seems, anyway. Patrick Roy’s been on the short list for awhile for the general manager or head coach position with the Avs,  and the DENVER POST now reports Roy has been offered the coaching position currently held by Tony Granato. Perhaps Roy will bring his son with to become the first goaltending/enforcer assistant coach in history.

Roy has been earning his suit-and-tie cred in junior hockey, whether it be sending his son to pummel the other goaltender or making little girls cry when their dads are loudmouth jerks, too. If that’s hockey toughness, then Roy will bring that to the Avalanche fold.

Or at least he’ll make a fine mascot during down times, much as Wayne Gretzky in Phoenix-cum-Southern Ontario or Denis Savard in Chicago. Savard himself was yanked as coach four games into this season as the coach of the Blackhawks once the organization decided they were past mascot mode and their new coach has taken them to the Western Conference finals.

That new coach? Joel Quenneville. Hey, didn’t he used to be the coach of the Colorado Avalanche?

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