Heat Should Schedule Bucks 82 Times Next Year

For only the 13th time this season, the Miami Heat cooked up a win, burning the Milwaukee Bucks 78-73 Monday night. It was the Heat’s second win in the past 13 games, with the only other one coming last Tuesday - against the Milwaukee Bucks.

Miami Heat Milwaukee Bucks

Now Herb Kohl’s crew has the indignity of being the only NBA team the Shaq-less, Wade-less & hopeless South Florida squad has beaten twice this season. And Pat Riley was lucky enough to be on the sidelines to see it for himself.

But the Heat coach may soon be saying sayonara to the sidelines again this weekend.

The SOUTH FLORIDA SUN-SENTINEL reports that Riley returned to the bench after missing the last two Heat contests. He was apparently on a four-day “scouting trip“, winding his way through the first rounds of the NCAA Men’s Tournament.

In what sounds like the start to a Johnny Cash song, Riley’s been to Raleigh, Omaha, Little Rock and Anaheim, checking out potential draft picks such as Michael Beasley, Brook Lopez, Kevin Love and Ty Lawson.

Pat Riley yelling

And Pat may be an absentee again this weekend, as he might miss Thursday’s game at Detroit and Sunday’s game at Boston, since both contests will be going on during the Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight.

Riley responds, “If I have to miss ‘em, I’ll miss ‘em. I don’t want to. I will try to get back. I will try to squeeze everything in Friday and Saturday if I can.”

So, get wrapped up once again in the midst of March Madness, or witness some certain shellackings from two of the best teams in the NBA. What would you do?