Pat Riley Writing Up Checks His Team Can’t Cash

Miami Heat head coach Pat Riley might getting to the end of his tether. After dropping Wednesday night’s game to the Chris Bosh-less Raptors by 25 points at home, and bringing the team’s record to a paltry 11-47 (and 3-29 over its last 32 games), the MIAMI HERALD quoted Riley picking an interesting way to express his contrition to fans.

Pat Riley refund check

”I should write a check tomorrow to each season-ticket holder and send them back [their money] at least for tonight,” Riley said. “I should write the check back because I can’t get them to play hard. They have a tendency to give in and not hold their ground, we’ve seen that a lot this year but you can’t do that at home. I have to ferret out the guys who really don’t care, I have to ferret them out of here and put them on the bench and bring in a bunch of young guys.”

I’m sure the season ticket holders would like to be refunded for the entire season, but one game’s worth is no small outlay for Riley. That’s probably at least one less haircut.

Last night, the Heat held a town hall meeting to give season ticket holders “the opportunity to ask us the questions that matter most to you as a Miami HEAT Season Ticket Holder. This setting will also give us the chance to share with you our philosophy, strategy and plans as they relate to the direction of the Miami HEAT franchise.”

Really? That doesn’t sound like checks are getting cut. Listening is all well and good (One question: Why don’t you win more?) but that an economic stimulus you promised those fans, Riley. Pay up.

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