Pat Forde Gets Stuck In Media’s Boarding Group C

RUMORS AND RANTS had a seat at the IU press conference circus in Bloomington yesterday and sends photo evidence of’s Pat Forde not capitalizing on his star power. The senior staffer got a seat behind a huge photographer likely paying double for a Southwest Airlines ticket.

Pat Forde

The bad seat didn’t prevent Forde from getting his story. IU is a mess and will now rely on Bobby Knight-wannabe Dan Dakich to rescue the program from these dark days. The first Dakich-run practice didn’t go too well. Six players failed to show.

Forde has a solution to the dissent: “Here’s my suggestion: Any player who doesn’t make the trip to Northwestern is cut. Kelvin Sampson should not be made a martyr for breaking NCAA rules. College players aren’t in charge of personnel decisions. Period.“**

Our intrepid reporter also caught Forde kicking back to do what ESPN types do:

Pat Forde

Call Mike Tirico and shoot the sh– with Michelle Tafoya, check
Tip off the Herd to an obscure blog they can pilfer, check.
Help the KGB locate Andrea Kremer’s favorite late-night watering holes, check.
Get Mike and Mike to get me a reading for “Guiding Light,” check.

** In a major shock, the fake IU player revolt is ova.