Parents Take Underage Beer Pong To Extremes

Next January, drunk college kids from around the country will converge on Las Vegas for the fifth edition of the World Series of Beer Pong. Yes, that game you played in college on a salvaged ping-pong table in your fraternity basement has somehow morphed into an actual, sanctioned pub sport, next to darts and pool. Bars across the country host beer pong leagues, Greg Oden plays it, even Rick Reilly dropped the dental jokes long enough to write about it for ESPN.

Beer Pong Baby


But just because it’s reached legitimacy in the minds of drunkards and Rick Reilly doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be careful playing it. Alcohol can be a dangerous drug, and beer pong can lead to some serious trouble if its participants are careless or stupid. For example, playing beer pong while holding a baby: careless. Uploading a YouTube video of you playing beer pong while holding a baby: very, very stupid. Video, of course, after the jump.

Far from the bright lights and glamour of the World Series of Beer Pong, a group of dimwitted teen parents decided to forego the babysitter last weekend and introduce their newborn to the sport of beer pong, and their toddler to the joys of shotgunning beers. PHIL KNOWS BEST found the amazingly stupid video:

The levels of stupid here are truly mindboggling. The cameraman repeatedly warns the women that this video is going on YouTube, and they aren’t fazed in the least, even after they admit spilling beer on the kid. We’re not usually prudish about underage drinking; we drank wine with dinner throughout our formative years. But these candidates for Unfit Parents of the Year are just asking for disaster.


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