Parent Faked Kid’s Cancer For Access To Yzerman

On January 2, ESPN THE MAGAZINE published a tear-rending tale by about a relationship between a cancer-stricken young boy and Steve Yzerman. If you don’t well up reading it, you aren’t breathing.

Steve Yzerman Duped

The boy, Braxton Davis, had battled a variety of cancer-related maladies. That is, according to his father Brant.

But after the piece was published, Adelson met up with Braxton’s mother, long-divorced from Brant, who revealed a deceit of breathtaking proportion.

In a followup piece this week, Adelson writes that Braxton’s mother revealed that the boy had been cured of cancer in 1995. He had had surgery for neuro-blastoma, and recovered fully. Adelson then confronted the boy. Excerpt:

“Braxton,” I said, “do you have cancer?”
“No,” he replied, then burst into tears.

Father Brant, of course, had been behind the deception, which is astonishingly detailed in Adelson’s first piece.

After running a background check on Mr. Davis, Adelson also discoved he had been been “convicted of several felonies in Utah over the past 20 years, including theft by deception and forgery.

Yzerman’s reax once Adelson told him: “Really bizarre. … Braxton is a nice young boy who seems to have been manipulated. I hope he can realize he did something wrong. It’s not too late for him.

More: “I’m not going to stop reaching out. Actually, I think I might do it more often.

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