Paralyzed Bouncer Suing Pacman Titans and NFL For Strip Club Shooting

PARALYZED VEGAS BOUNCER SUES PACMAN, TITANS & NFL: A bouncer who was shot during Pacman Jones’ imfamous Vegas melee is now suing the player, the Tennessee Titans and the National Football League:

Pacman Jones Tommy Urbanski

YAHOO! NEWS reports that Tommy Urbanski has filed suit against Jones, the team and the league - holding them responsible for the injuries that have left him paralyzed.

The bouncer was shot four times during the fight last February at Minxx Gentleman’s Club. Pacman has been accused of starting the fracas and threatening to kill people, but has not been charged with the actual shooting.

Urbanski is additionally blaming the Titans and the NFL for Pacman’s actions, believing the team and league should have done something about the player’s previous run-ins with police. His lawyer says, “If Jones had been disciplined earlier, more likely than not, he would not have been invited as NFL player Pacman Jones to the club.”

Minxx club Vegas

All three of the accused have said they would fight the lawsuit. Pacman’s attorney said his client had nothing to do with the shooting, while the Titans and NFL said they had nothing to do with Pacman’s appearance at the club.