Pitt Parade Fan Tosses Ball Thru 5-Story Window

His identity is still unknown, but if Dave Wannstedt is wise he’ll find out pronto who it was who rifled a football from the street and into an upper-floor window of a church during the Penguins’ victory parade on Monday in downtown Pittsburgh. If you haven’t see the video by now, we have it below.

Penguins fan throws football

It was before the parade when this guy started throwing a football at the fifth floor window of the Diocese of Pittsburgh building. Word on the street is that he was throwing the ball to a priest. Accounts vary as to how many tries it took for him to nail the target, but an eyewitness thinks he knows for sure.

From the comments section of PITTSBURGH SPORTS AND MINI PONIES:

DUDE no i was there it was amazing. not his 7th or 8th try more like his 4th to be exact. It was sick and then after everyone started chanting MVP MVP MVP haha it was sweet. — Josh

OK, but please don’t call me dude.

Any eyewitnesses who want to check in and estimate how far the throw traveled? All in all, it’s the most impressive football toss since Ben Roethlisburger did this.

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