Parade, Big Baby Per Diem Costs Boston $300,000

Remember the scene in Billy Madison when Bradley Whitford disgustingly asks, “Are they gonna throw a party every time he passes a grade?!” That’s how I’m beginning to feel with these Boston/New England championship parades.

Boston Celtics This kid must die

It may not be long before Bostoners begin to feel the same way, as the taxpayer cost of all of these championship parades are getting expensive (as was Big Baby’s Baconator bill yesterday):

(We regret to report there are photos too)

From Jessica Van Sack at THE BOSTON HERALD:

It’s too early to know the final tab of the rolling rally that drew oceans of fans who lined the streets from the Garden to Copley Square yesterday morning. But it’s likely to resemble the $366,000 taxpayer cost for last year’s World Series victory parade, said Julie Burns, the mayor’s director of Arts, Tourism and Special Events.

And that doesn’t include the cost of police overtime and security, which has not yet been tallied for the Celts’ momentous victory. The city reportedly spent about $2 million on public safety to control the crowds during the 2007 World Series.

Van Sack says half of the parade costs (not counting police) were covered by coporate sponsors solicited by the city. Among those expenses were two large video screens, each rented for $25,000. The satellite linkup to operate them was estimated to be another $18,000.

Wait, so you guys closed down half of downtown so people could come and watch the parade on a big TV? What happened to just tipping over cars? At least that was the kind of foolishness that brought people together.