Panthers Exec Puts Moves On Fox Anchor Chick

Too bad the Florida Panthers themselves aren’t as smooth as one of their vice presidents, Uri Man, who apparently tried to pick up FOX NEWS anchor chick Ainsley Earhardt during an interview on the economy on Saturday. And so “Does pink match yellow?” finally enters the cultural lexicon (video following the jump).

Ainsley Earhardt Uri Man

Man, who is actually the vice president of development for the Panthers’ parent company, at first simply appears to be engaging in friendly banter with Earhardt, mentioning that he knows where she went to college because he’d been “doing some reading on you.” But then the interview started to resemble an encounter at a singles bar.

Man began comparing consumer confidence to “going after a long-lost girlfriend after a devastating breakup,” and then wondered out loud if he and Earhardt wouldn’t look good together.

Earhardt (laughing): “Is he hitting on me on live TV? Did that just happen?”


Yes it did. The Florida-based author of “Getting Good Jobs in Tough Times” also appears to be an expert with the ladies (see photo below). He’s even appeared on an episode of Bravo’s “Millionaire Matchmaker” that aired in April:

Uri Man and friends

On that episode, host Patti Stanger assessed Man’s sexual prowess by dancing with him (he didn’t take charge and spin her, so she worried how he’d be in bed). The 5′7″ Israeli also expressed a preference for short Jewish women, an ideal Stanger calls “The Jewish Spinner.” Man ended up taking his date, Tatiana, for a salsa lesson.

Florida Panthers fan exposing breasts

But with Panthers fans flashing the crowd at home games, why would Uri ever need to go on FOX for a date?