Panthers Could Look To Trade Punch-Happy Smith

Hmm. Apparently, NFL teams frown upon intrasquad beatdowns. Last week, the Carolina Panthers’ Steve Smith went all “Michael Westbrook on teammate Ken Lucas (reprising the role of Stephen Davis), the team promptly suspended the Pro Bowl wide receiver for two games, everybody kissed and made up, and we’re all ready to move forward.

Steve Smith might be traded

Except, maybe Carolina’s front office. According to Matt Mosley of THE BLOG FORMERLY KNOWN AS HASHMARKS, Smith’s surly disposition and penchant for Debo-ing teammates (language NSFW) could be his ticket out of town.

┬áThere have been rumblings out of Panthers camp that club officials are fed up with Smith’s actions (not just the latest incident) and are at least considering the idea of dealing him to another team.

The idea of trading one of the best receivers in football seems far-fetched, but Smith has become a divisive force on the team. One Panthers source said that several defensive backs were walking around after the recent incident saying that if management didn’t discipline Smith, they would. This isn’t exactly the best way to begin a season.

Mosley suggests that the Cowboys could be a destination, but, frankly, Dallas is always in the conversation anytime a big-named wide receiver is a potential trade target. That said, Smith would be a newer, shinier version of Terry Glenn, so it’s a seemingly plausible scenario, although I can’t imagine Tony Romo would make it a week before getting smacked.

PRO FOOTBALL TALK notes that the Eagles, Vikings, Bears and Redskins could also be in the Steve Smith Sweepstakes. If Minnesota lands him, I’ll conservatively set the over-under on “minutes after Smith walks into the locker room and slaps Chris Kluwe to the ground for playing Guitar Hero” at two.