Panama City Memories; Phil Likes Tafoya’s Dress

Good luck to JT tonight - but we do have a soft spot for Priscilla Presley.

SbB Girl Cecilia at Spring Break

(SbB Girl Cecilia’s brush with a former NBA great - Vinny, Keystone Light?)

• Taking a fond look back at last weekend’s Panama City excursion.

Phil Jackson puts the moves on Michele Tafoya.

• The owners of the Indiana Pacers supposedly want to give Larry the Bird.

Reggie Jackson is going, going, gone from the Yanks’ spring training dugout.

Rich Rodriguez is confident about Michigan’s upcoming season.

Bob Costas tries to clarify his anti-blogger comments.

Bob Costas

Dennis Felton & Georgia prove it’s amazing how 72 hours of great work can erase memories of four years of futility.

• The Nuggets and LenDale White each had a wild weekend in Denver.

• The Milwaukee media puts a bag over Bucks fans’ protest.

• Mount St. Mary’s is perturbed by the Play-In game.