Vegas Casino Keeping Visitors And Media Away From O.J. Robbery Room

DO NOT DISTURB - CASINO CLOSING ‘OJ ROOM’ TO PUBLIC: Vegas is all about making money, from the saps who spend their paychecks on the slots hoping for a jackpot, to the casinos raking in all the dough from the delirious gamblers.

However, one spot doesn’t want to cash in - the hotel where O.J. Simpson’s latest crime took place:

Palace Station casino

The LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL checks out the news of Palace Station keeping potential guests away from the “O.J. Room”.

It was in this hotel room that Simpson made his memorable memorabilia grab - an event that’s resulted in his criminal trial that began on Friday.

Visitors have requested reservations and media members have asked for tours of the infamous room, but the casino has closed off the space to the public, knowing what a “media circus” it would be come.

OJ Simpson Circus Circus

That hasn’t stopped folks from trying. A hotel spokesperson recalled, “We did have a couple people come up to the hotel registration, toss their credit card on the desk and say, ‘Charge me whatever you want so I can stay in the room.’

But that doesn’t mean that others can’t profit from O.J.’s shenanigans.

The NEW YORK TIMES blog THE LEDE sees plenty of product placement in the current legal entanglement, most notably the name recognition for Sprint & the iPhone.

knitted iPhone

Where there’s a trial, there’s tons of money to be made.