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Real-Life ‘Jerry Maguire’ Facing Jail Over Debts?

Last week an Orange County (CA) court bench warrant was issued for the arrest of the man who helped to inspire the movie, “Jerry Maguire.

Leigh Steinberg Bench Arrest Warrant


In public documents available on the Orange County Superior Court’s official website, the Dec. 15, 2011, warrant (pdf) followed a Dec. 13, 2010, Orange County court order that former NFL agent Leigh Steinberg pay The Irvine Company $1,440,038.12 in back rent for office space Steinberg leased beginning in 2003. A lawyer for The Irvine Company, Brooke Brandt, noted the following in court documents filed on Dec. 9, 2011:

There have been numerous attempts to collect on said Judgment. Judgment Creditor’s counsel has never been able to directly connect with Judgment Debtor LEIGH STEINBERG at any of last known or suspected addresses to serve him. We retained a private investigator to perform a skip trace investigation to no avail.

More from Brandt on Steinberg’s alleged attempts to avoid paying the debt:

Judgment Creditor’s counsel made efforts to locate assets subject to simple execution, such as bank accounts in the name of Judgment Debtor. None have been located. Further investigation suggests that a sports management enterprise continues to freely operate. Calls connect to a recording stating “all circuits are busy.”

While it is unknown if STEINBERG & ASSOCIATES, LLC has accumulated significant hard assets, it appears likely that it now has a substantial income stream. LEIGH STEINBERG is a world-renowned sports and entertainment agent and continues to operate his business in Newport Beach under a different name.

Internet research reveals Debtor LEIGH STEINBERG was the inspiration as the sports agent in films such as “Jerry McGuire” (for which he had a cameo), and “Field of Dreams” and was an apparent consultant. He may receive residuals or fees from this involvement.

The Irvine Company legal counsel also noted that it appeared her client was not the only entity seeking repayment from Steinberg:

Public records disclose multiple judgments, tax liens, and other signs of distress as to Judgment Debtor STEINBERG. Therefore, Judgment Debtor STEINBERG now seems to keep a low public access profile with security protection around him that prevents process servers from gaining access to him. Accordingly, multiple prior attempts to serve a Debtors. Examination or other documents were unsuccessful.

STEINBERG lives the lavish life of a famous sports agent throwing lavish Super Bowl Parties for 25 years, this past one in Dallas where tickets sold for upwards of $3,500 a ticket for an excess of 2,500 guests, including expected guest former President George W. Bush. STEINBERG appears to present these parties wherein he uses the proceeds of his income with charitable donations with no application towards his countless judgments and debts; including the one at issue.

In essence, Judgment Debtor STEINBERG is a semi famous figure with huge apparent notoriety but shows signs of significant  recent deterioration. Public records disclose multiple judgments, tax liens, and other signs of distress. Judgment Debtor now seems to keep a low public access profile. While in the public eye, he can host a grand Super Bowl party, at apparent great expense, yet process servers cannot seem to make direct contact with him.

He appears to have a phalanx of security protection around him that prevents process servers from gaining access to him unless he allows it.

While Steinberg’s attempts to avoid repaying the aforementioned adjudicated debt may seem extreme, his method in avoiding forking over what he owes former NFL player Chad Morton is allegedly even more extensive.

In documents filed to an Orange County court on Sept. 9, 2010, Morton attorney Laura Sullivan alleged that Steinberg, his girlfriend and business associates had engaged in an elaborate conspiracy designed to shield assets from a $900,000 debt Steinberg owed Morton.

Chad Morton is suing Leigh Steinberg

The debt stemmed from Steinberg and associates’ failure to repay hundreds of thousands of dollars in loans from Morton - which led to a $900,000 adjudicated settlement between the parties.

As part of the alleged scheme, Steinberg’s ex-executive assistant Ellen Goodman reported in November, 2009, under penalty of perjury to the court the following alleged activities by Steinberg and his cohorts:

I worked in this capacity from mid-2007 through August 2009. Previously, I had worked for LSSE and Steinberg in various capacities.

LSSE is a Nevada company that was created by Jeremiah Donati around December 2007.

LSSE holds itself out in the same way that Steinberg & Associates did: as a representation, marketing and consulting firm specializing in the careers of professional athletes, Olympians, coaches, and personalities.

LSSE is wholly owned by Leigh Steinberg. It carries on the same business as its Steinberg & Associates, LLC.

As Steinberg’s personal assistant and LSSE’s executive assistant (and as the executive assistant at LSSE’s predecessor Steinberg & Associates) I was responsible for virtually all administrative support of the business, as well as the personal support of Leigh Steinberg.

I was involved in virtually all aspects of LSSE’s and Steinberg’s financial affairs and managed LSSE’s and Steinberg’s banking affairs and accounts. I screened phone calls for Steinberg and directed calls to other top executives, including David Meltzer (LSSE’s current CEO and a lawyer I believe to be licensed in Florida) and Jeremiah Donati (general counsel).

I participated in this litigation, including responding to Chad Morton’s requests for the production of documents, and administering Morton’s attempted garnishments of the bank accounts of LSSE and Steinberg.

I was privy to LSSE’s and Steinberg’s discussions in responding to Morton’s judgment against them, including attending meetings with the executives of LSSE and Steinberg. After Morton’s judgment was entered in this case, there was routine discussion among David Meltzer, Jeremiah Donati, and myself regarding methods to shield income to LSSE and Steinberg from Morton’s collection efforts.

I administered Morton’s attempted garnishments of LSSE’s bank accounts with Wells Fargo in approximately April 2009.

After the garnishments were issued, I attended a meeting with LSSE’s banker to discuss options. After discussion with Meltzer, I agreed to open a new account on behalf of LSSE, but in my name only so that it would not be subject to any future garnishments in the name of LSSE or Steinberg (the new account).

I agreed to remove any reference to LSSE, Steinberg, or Steinberg’s social security number from the new account. I gave these instructions to LSSE’s banker at Wells Fargo.

I used the account and these checks on several occasions to pay LSSE’s and Steinberg’s expenses including health insurance premiums and child support payments to Steinberg’s former wife Lucy Steinberg. However, the primary purpose of the account was to receive money and shield it garnishment.

During my tenure as Steinberg’s personal assistant and LSSE’s executive assistant, the financial affairs of Steinberg and LSSE were totally intermingled. I routinely paid Steinberg’s personal expenses from LSSE’s accounts, including Steinberg’s rent, utilities, child support payments, car lease payments and insurance premiums, medical expenses, entertainment expenses, his credit card, and gifts.

In the past year or so, two large sums of money were obtained on behalf of  Steinberg and/or LSSE: an unsecured line of credit to Leigh Steinberg from San Diego Private Bank (SDPB), on which Steinberg withdrew a gross amount of approximately $400,000 and I believe approximately $300,000 through a New Jersey outfit known as Presidium Group of Companies (the Presidium transaction).

Both sources of income were actively shielded from Morton’s collection and were used to pay LSSE’s business expenses and Steinberg’s personal expenses.

Steinberg’s girlfriend, Amy Stoody, is a Newport Beach lawyer specializing in workers’ compensation matters. Around June of this year, I became aware that Stoody had opened a client trust account on behalf of Steinberg (the Stoody trust account). I understood that the purpose of the Stoody trust account was to shield income from Morton’s collection efforts, consistent with my earlier discussions with Meltzer that client trust accounts are not subject to  garnishment.

Clients who were generating income for LSSE at the time I left include boxer Chris Arreola (for whom LSSE handles marketing), coach June Jones, and columnist Thomas George (for whom LSSE negotiated a contract with 

Jeremiah Donati is a California lawyer as well as a certified athlete agent. It was widely discussed at LSSE that Steinberg allowed his own certification to lapse while he was being investigated by the National Football Players Association regarding his transactions with Chad Morton.

It was also widely discussed that Donati would receive his certification so LSSE would have a certified agent in Steinberg’s place.

During my tenure at LSSE, I incurred approximately $50,000 in personal debt and was ultimately repaid these charges by LSSE, with funds obtained through the Presidium transaction. I often agreed to use my personal credit card to pay business expenses of LSSE and Steinberg’s personal expenses.

I was terminated by LSSE in August 2009. After I left, I was asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement providing that I would not discuss LSSE’s affairs. I declined to sign the agreement.

Morton is now suing Steinberg and associates for additional, punitive damages with a jury trial scheduled to begin on Feb. 21, 2012 in an Orange County court.

Leigh Steinberg Bench Arrest Warrant

In addition to his $1,440,038.12 debt to The Irvine Company and $900,000 currently owed Morton, according to Orange County court documents and records Steinberg reportedly owes:

  • Wells Fargo (2002 loan): $185,258.00
  • American Express (purchase balance): $43,516.00
  • IRS (tax lien): $17,384.00
  • State of California (tax lien): $10,464.00
  • Account Management Services: $7,924.25
  • The Irvine Company (back apartment rent) $3,051.97

Mercer County (NJ) court documents also indicate Steinberg owes the state of New Jersey $73,041.00 in back taxes.

Despite the ex-NFL agent’s distressed financial state, last January the LOS ANGELES TIMES reported that Steinberg hosted a high-profile Super Bowl party for the 25th straight NFL season - in a story titled, “Steinberg Still Host With Most.

Steinberg also isn’t letting a private investigator - tailing him on behalf of at least one creditor owed over $1.4 million - affect his insatiable need for the media spotlight. Just two weeks ago, presumably from an undisclosed location, Steinberg publicly lashed out at Arizona State after the school pulled a deal Steinberg was negotiating for then-prospective ASU football coach June Jones. (Jones remained at SMU.)

In fact, not even an active arrest warrant can prevent the man who inspired a major motion picture that defined his industry from keeping his weekly column for the COSTA MESA (CA) DAILY PILOT current.

Leigh Steinberg Bench Arrest Warrant

And to think all this time I never realized Cuba Gooding’s iconic line was actually, “Loan Leigh The Money!

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Vermeil: Sandusky Misportrayed, ‘Cared’ For Kids

Super Bowl-winning coach Dick Vermeil, who in 2001 wrote the foreword to Jerry Sandusky’s “Touched” autobiography and assisted the ex-Penn State football coach with his Second Mile charity over three decades, told Kelley Bydlon of this week that, “Jerry really cared about (The Second Mile children) in a different way than is being portrayed right now.”

(”I knew Jerry very well“)

Vermeil also told Bydlon, that the revelations about Sandusky’s alleged sexual abuse of children, which has thus far resulted in 52 criminal charges against the former Penn State assistant coach, “is a real downer for me. I still hold hope that it’s not all true.

On the subject of Joe Paterno’s ouster at Penn State, Vermeil this week labeled the situation to Marks-Peltz as, “Unfair. Especially for a man of his class and quality.”

When asked if Paterno did enough to help a child who in Grand Jury testimony Penn State assistant coach Mike McQueary reported under oath was anally raped by Sandusky in the Penn State locker room, Vermeil said of Paterno’s decision to not report the incident to authorities, “I would never second guess him.”

Below is the full transcript from Vermeil’s comments to Bydlon:

Kelley Bydlon: “You were involved with The Second Mile, how well did you know Jerry Sandusky?

Vermeil: “I knew Jerry very well, I didn’t know this side of him, I still want to really believe it to be true. I wrote the foreword to his book. I’ve been involved in helping him with that charity over thirty years.

It’s a real downer for me. It’s disappointing as heck.

I still hold hope that it’s not all true.

Bydlon: “When the news came out, was it complete disbelief for you?”

Vermeil: “Yes it was. I’d heard rumors there were investigations like all of us did around Second Mile, you could not. You’d have to be deaf not to hear it. But I would always give him (Sandusky) more credit for those rumors being true.

Bydlon: “How devastating was it for people involved in the charity?

Vermeil: “I know for a fact they helped a ton of kids, and I know that Jerry really cared about them in a different way than is being portrayed right now.

Bydlon: “What did you think of the way Joe Paterno was exited out of Penn State?

Vermeil: “Unfair. Especially for a man of his class and quality.  In two days he went from the epitome of what everyone should be like as a coach and I still believe he belongs in that category.

Bydlon: “In your mind did he (Paterno) did enough to stop what was happening?

Vermeil: “I wouldn’t second guess him because if he thought it was more serious than it was he would’ve reacted more seriously. I think he reacted according to what he knew, the way he felt he should.

I would never second guess him.”

Mike McQueary testified in open court in Pennsylvania today that after he witnessed Sandusky involved in an “extreme sexual” act that resembled “intercourse” with a child in the Penn State locker room in 2002, he told Paterno about the incident the next day:

“I went to his house and sat at his kitchen table and told him I saw Jerry with a young boy in the shower. That it was way over the lines and extremely sexual in nature.

“(Paterno) was slumped back in his chair, he said well I’m sorry you had to see that. It’s terrible. I need to think and tell some people about what you saw and I’ll let you know what we’ll do next.”

Also revealed in the same Harrisburg court proceeding today was the transcript of testimony Paterno previously gave a Centre County (PA) Grand Jury regarding what he was told by McQueary about Sandusky’s alleged rape of a boy in Penn State’s locker room in 2002.

During a reading of Paterno’s previously recorded comments, it was confirmed that Paterno did indeed tell the Grand Jury that McQueary related to him that the incident involving Sandusky and a child in the Penn State locker room was of a “sexual nature.

In a November 7, 2011, statement Paterno claimed:

“As my grand jury testimony stated. I was informed in 2002 by an assistant coach that he had witnessed an incident in the shower of our locker room facility. It was obvious that the witness was distraught over what he saw, but he at no time related to me the very specific actions contained in the Grand Jury report. Regardless, it was clear that the witness saw something inappropriate involving Mr. Sandusky. As Coach Sandusky was retired from our coaching staff at that time, I referred the matter to university administrators.”

As part of his 2001 contribution to Sandusky’s “Touched” autobiography, Vermeil, who was coaching the NFL’s Kansas City Chiefs at the time and in 1999 led the St. Louis Rams to a Super Bowl title, wrote of the ex-Penn State assistant coach, “He (Sandusky) could very well be the Will Rogers of the coaching profession.

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Search Party! Firm Scammed Rams For 250 Grand

Yesterday Colorado State Athletic Director Jack Graham introduced Jim McElwain as the school’s new football coach at a press conference in Fort Collins. The new CSU coach’s appearance and remarks to the large gathering of media and Rams fans was standard fare until McElwain opened the floor for questions from the media.

Instead of the initial media query being directed to McElwain, the man for whom the press conference was allegedly held, CSU Athletic Director Jack Graham was first asked, “what help you got from the search firm for the money that was spent, obviously that was a pretty big commitment.”

Why was that question more important than McElwain getting an opening day whack at a batting practice fastball from a crack Rams football fan scribe? Because Graham paid search firm Spencer & Stuart a staggering $250,000 for the arduous, week-long task of locating football coach candidates for Colorado State. (Eight days to be exact.)

Colorado State. 

Graham’s response to the $250,000 question:

The process to screen candidates for this position was thorough and professional. We began by defining the state of CSU football; understanding the state of football. We defined a brand. What do we have to sell at Colorado State?

“We talked about the characteristics of the head football coach that we wanted here, both the personal characteristics and qualities as well as technical characteristics and qualities, recruiting capabilities, et cetera.

We defined that profile and said this is the kind of human being we want to have lead our football program in this bold new era. And with that, we started with a list of 75 to 100 names.

“We dragged a comb through that list, narrowed it down to about 25, kept on working and debating. (We) came up with a list of 10, set up appointments and we hit the road and started interviews. It was very thorough.

We also had a guy sitting beside me who was a behavioral psychologist, a PhD, in behavior psychology. That helped me not just work on the back of gut and instinct and intuition, but rather objectively.

“What kind of a human being is this, how is he going to think, how is he going to lead, how is he going to manage? It was a very thorough process.

What Graham wasn’t asked, unfortunately, is why he decided to pay Spencer Stuart executive Jed Hughes well over double what Boise State recently paid Hughes for assistance with its athletic director hire.

The IDAHO STATESMAN reported on Dec. 2, 2011:

Boise State will pay Jed Hughes, a senior partner with the executive search firm Spencer Stuart, at least $107,250 — or one-third of the athletic director’s first full-year compensation package. Kustra said Hughes was the one who called his attention to Coyle.

The $250,000 to help Graham land McElwain was also well over double what Tennessee forked over to Parker Executive Search, perhaps the largest college coaching search firm in the country, to assist in the Cuonzo Martin hire last March.

On June 24, 2011, the KNOXVILLE NEWS-SENTINEL reported:

The University of Tennessee was contracted to pay Parker Executive Search $90,000 plus up to $20,000 in expenses in its quest to hire a new basketball coach after Bruce Pearl was fired.

While the $250,000 fee Colorado State was fleeced by Spencer Stuart’s Hughes may seem steep, it’s still over three times less than the $910,000 CSU recently paid former Athletic Director Paul Kowalczyk to go away.

Why did they do that?

So Graham, a longtime CSU booster with no athletic administration experience, could name himself athletic director.

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Panther on ‘Liar’ Graham: ‘I feel like dirt, abused’

In departing for Arizona State today, ex-Pittsburgh football coach Todd Graham chose to inform Panther players of the news via forwarded text message from a Pitt football staffer.

Todd Graham is a liar

As you might expect, such a lack of respect from a now-former coach did not sit well with at least one Pitt football player: Panther receiver Devin Street.

Devin Street eviscerates Todd Graham on Twitter

In a series of Tweets today, Street eviscerated his former coach - and Graham’s wife Penni - with the following entries to his personal account:

D_Street_15 Devin street
Be careful of those car salesman’s out there
35 minutes ago

D_Street_15 Devin street
High Octane ! His plan was running on fumes
39 minutes ago

D_Street_15 Devin street
I wish I would have wrote all the crazy stuff he said throughout the year
1 hour ago

D_Street_15 Devin street
No class, he’s a quitter, soft, liar, hypocrite.
1 hour ago

D_Street_15 Devin street
He was a damn diva
1 hour ago

D_Street_15 Devin street
Here goes Mr. Hollywood
1 hour ago

D_Street_15 Devin street
He’s already doing photo shoots for ASU ill tweet it in a second
1 hour ago

D_Street_15 Devin street
He just lied to all those damn recruits too not even 2 days ago

1 hour ago

D_Street_15 Devin street
Y’all should have new when he put his face up everywhere instead of the players
1 hour ago

D_Street_15 Devin street
He’s an actor he did it to rice then us now he’s gonna do it to ASU… That energy is fake he has them fooled
1 hour ago

D_Street_15 Devin street
He wanna preach so much he needs to read “Thou shall not lie”
1 hour ago

D_Street_15 Devin street
Another quote he said was ” I don’t care if I get fired I’m a millionaire I can go to the caribbean and be fine” #selfish
1 hour ago

D_Street_15 Devin street
He look like a star ! But only on Camera !!!
2 hours ago

D_Street_15 Devin street
What’s AZ State thinking !?
2 hours ago

D_Street_15 Devin street
Todd Graham can’t break us ! #Pittnation
2 hours ago

D_Street_15 Devin street
If y’all say we can’t get mad .. Y’all are crazy you grown men out there how would you feel if you been lied to and used
2 hours ago

D_Street_15 Devin street
I’m literally sick.. That man pulled me in his office one on one and lied to me
3 hours ago

D_Street_15 Devin street
Hmm Penni (The Liars Wife) twitter magically disappeared
3 hours ago

D_Street_15 Devin street The Liar got his Colors on already
3 hours ago

D_Street_15 Devin street
Just to let yall know he just told us he’s here to stay when Coach McGee left .. Said him and his coaches have 5 year contracts
3 hours ago

D_Street_15 Devin street
I feel like dirt and I was just abused. For a year
4 hours ago

D_Street_15 Devin street
Arizona filled with some liars dog
4 hours ago

D_Street_15 Devin street
He always said most people quit before they achieve something great …. #fraud
5 hours ago

As also noted by national recruiting analyst Bob Lichtenfels, Graham’s wife Penni, along with others close to the former Pitt coach, immediately deleted their personal Twitter accounts after the news broke of Graham’s ASU move:

Graham no time to talk to players but Penni Graham, Maria Norvell, Mike Norvell, Bo Graham had time to delete Twitter accounts

Though in the context of Graham’s abrupt departure, Street did impart at least one Tweet that Pitt fans might qualify as good news:

Devin Street is not a quitter

D_Street_15 Devin street
Hey people who think I’m leaving ! I’m not going no where I’m not no quitter !
2 hours ago

A redshirt sophomore, Street led the team in receiving last season.

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Incestuous Penn State Still Endangering Children

Four days after tales of alleged child rape perpetrated by Jerry Sandusky surfaced in a Grand Jury presentment formalizing dozens of criminal charges against the former Penn State football coach, Sara Ganim and Jan Murphy of the HARRISBURG PATRIOT-NEWS reported of a power struggle within the Penn State Board of Trustees.

Penn State Chairman of Board of Trustees Steve Garban: Son Drew was on Second Mile Board of Directors and significant donor to Jerry Sandusky's charity

(PSU BOT Chair: Son on Second Mile Board, & Specially-Recognized Donor)

Excerpt fom the Nov. 9, 2011, Patriot-News story:

Inside Old Main, the iconic Penn State administration building, a faction of the board of trustees is standing up to take control of the sex-abuse controversy engulfing the university.

That group does not include board Chairman Steve Garban, the former Penn State treasurer and vice president for finance and operations. Sources suggest a new chairman could be named soon.

Trustees lack confidence in Garban’s ability to lead the university out of this mess given his close relationships with (Tim) Curley, (Gary) Schultz and university President Graham Spanier, sources said.

Yesterday, sources indicated Spanier’s job and that of head football coach Joe Paterno were in trouble over their handling of the sex-abuse allegations. The board is creating a committee to investigate the scandal.

The trustees dislike how a few board members appeared to have been notified that charges against Curley and Schultz were imminent while the vast majority of trustees were left in the dark until Saturday.

On Saturday afternoon, shortly after Attorney General Kelly released the indictment, some board members were told they should wait until Thursday to discuss the charges. That didn’t sit well with everyone. A core group demanded, and got, an emergency meeting within 24 hours, sources say.

Twenty trustees made their way to State College for the Sunday night meeting, while others called in by phone. It was at that session that the board began to question Garban’s leadership, and a faction began to coalesce around the need to take assertive actions.

Some trustees believe the university’s handling of the matter has been bungled. Sources said the statement issued Saturday by Spanier vowing his unconditional support to Curley and Schultz caught some by surprise — and disgusted them.

Hours after the Patriot-News report about the PSU Board of Trustees’ dissatisfaction with Garban’s leadership, Paterno was fired. Before the Nov. 9, 2011, press conference announcement of Paterno’s ouster, Garban told the gathered media, “The Board has asked John to head up all Board activities on the current matters.

“John” was John Surma, Chairman & CEO of U.S. Steel and Vice Chairman of the Penn State Board of Trustees. It was Surma who then announced Paterno’s firing and took questions from a frenzied group of media and students.

But just two days after Garban ceded to Surma on “all Board activities on the current matters,” Garban himself announced on Nov. 11, 2011 - via official Penn State press release -  the creation of a “special investigation committee that would “undertake a full and complete investigation of the circumstances that gave rise to the grand jury report. The committee will be commissioned to determine what failures occurred, who is responsible and what measures are necessary to ensure that this never happens again.”

From the official PSU release:

“There will be full accountability for those found responsible,” said Steve Garban, chair of the board. “All resources will be made available for the committee to fulfill its charge and there will be no restrictions placed on its scope or activities.”

Garban said when the investigation is complete, a full report will be given to the board at one of its regular meetings.

“Trustee Frazier has agreed to chair this important committee in this endeavor,” Garban said. “He’s experienced, seasoned and will provide the leadership necessary to prevail.”

48 hours earlier, the Patriot-News had reported that its sources were suggesting, “a new chairman could be named soon.

Today, nothing has changed.

Perhaps the fact that Garban was instrumental in quickly promoting longtime Penn State administrator Rod Erickson from “acting president” to “president” - in less than 48 hours - has something to do with Garban’s unchanged status atop the Penn State Board of Trustees.

From the CENTRE (PA) DAILY TIMES on Nov. 18, 2011:

On Thursday, university spokesman Bill Mahon confirmed that Rod Erickson is the university’s new president, and there are no plans to conduct any search to fill the job.

While Erickson was named the acting president initially, Mahon said trustees soon agreed to change that to president — prior Nov. 11 trustees meeting, at which board Chairman Steve Garban introduced him as president and pledged the trustees’ support for him.

Or the fact that the media and public is apparently unaware of the intimate involvement of Garban’s son with “The Second Mile”, a charity Sandusky now appears to have set up to help him target children for sexual abuse.

For years the son of Steve Garban, Drew Garban, was an acting member of The Second Mile’s Board of Directors - right up until Sandusky’s arrest. (Garban’s name was, like many others, scrubbed from the charity’s website after details of Sandusky’s alleged sexual crimes against children were revealed.)

Drew Garban was also a longtime member of The Second Mile’s prestigious “Arthur C. and Evelyn M. Sandusky Society.” As noted in the charity’s most recent annual report located on its current website:

The Arthur C. and Evelyn M. Sandusky Society recognizes those individuals who have made an estate provision for, or a planned or deferred gift commitment to, The Second Mile. These gift commitments could include a bequest in a will or living trust, the designation of The Second Mile as the beneficiary of a retirement plan, a charitable remainder trust, the gift of a life insurance policy naming The Second Mile as beneficiary, and/or the execution of an estate note. We wish to thank the members of this society for providing a foundation for the future of our organization.

In addition to raising funds from those who wished to bequeath assets from their estate to The Second Mile, the Arthur C. and Evelyn M. Sandusky Society was set up to recognize Jerry Sandusky’s parents - who also created a charitable organization that included a boarding house for wayward youth. A house where Sandusky spent part of his youth.

Penn State Chairman of Board of Trustees Steve Garban: Son Drew was on Second Mile Board of Directors and significant donor to Jerry Sandusky's charity

In the same Centre Daily Times Nov. 18, 2011, piece that noted PSU Board Chair Steve Garban fronting the permanent hire of Rod Erickson as Penn State President, it was reported that Penn State University Trustee David Joyner had taken over as Penn State’s “acting athletic director” in place of Curley, who is now facing charges he lied to a Grand Jury when questioned about his role in reporting alleged crimes related to the sexual abuse of children by Sandusky in the Penn State locker room in 2002.

In the past two weeks, Penn State Athletic Department sources have told SbB that Joyner wants to hire interim Penn State football coach Tom Bradley as the school’s permanent football coach going forward. Bradley will reportedly interview for the position as soon as next week. (Bradley was reportedly a longtime, close friend of Sandusky and lived with Mike McQueary from 2006-07.)

Steve Garban was the leader who, as Chairman of the Penn State Board of Trustees, ultimately oversaw an environment which undeniably placed the personal desires of individual adults - and their business interests - above the welfare of children.

And despite Garban’s close relationship with all those involved with the alleged Sandusky child rape coverup, and his son’s intimate involvement in the operation of Sandusky’s charity as an acting Second Mile Board member and extraordinary financial contributor, the child-endangering environment at Penn State clearly remains alive and well.

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Photos: Danica Patrick’s Closeup Tattoo Moment

These photos of Danica Patrick on vacation in Maui last month gave proof …

Danica Patrick Closeup Tattoo Bikini Photo

despite SI, that her flag tattoo … Read more…

Video: Bama Habadashery Gets Tip From The Hat

Thanks to Michael Casagrande of the DECATUR (AL) DAILY and DailyBamaBlog - via Clay Travis at - for this tip from The Hat to an Alabama fan Saturday before the Heisman Trophy ceremony:

As an aside, anyone know why Les Miles is called “The Hat”? If it has anything to do with his roots, guessing we’ll never know.

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Source: “Weakened State” Caused Paterno’s Fall

Less than a week after a Penn State athletic department source indicated to SbB that Joe Paterno’s health was in rapid decline and that the cancer Paterno has contracted “is much worse than the family has let on,” the ex-Penn State football coach reportedly fractured his pelvis in a fall at his home in State College, Pennsylvania, Saturday.

The news of Paterno’s broken pelvis came less than a day after son Jay Paterno Tweeted from his personal Twitter account: “Good practice yesterday, good practice this morning. Great walk with my Dad this afternoon. A fine day indeed.

On Dec. 7, 2011, a Penn State Athletic Department source, who asked to remain anonymous because they were not authorized to speak for the Paterno family, told SbB:

Joe is a lot closer to dying soon than the public is aware. … It is very bad. it (cancer) is much worse than the family has let on.This may be his last Christmas.”

Hours after the SbB report, ABC-TV affiliate WTAE in Pittsburgh reported:

A person close to Paterno’s family told The Associated Press that the former coach is undergoing treatments and “progressing.”

However the blog, is reporting that the 84-year-old Paterno has taken a turn for the worse and is seeing a rapid health decline.

In the aftermath of Paterno’s fractured pelvis, which reportedly resulted from a fall in his home on Saturday, a source within the Penn State Athletic Department who is not authorized to speak for the Paterno family told SbB on Sunday that the former coach’s fall was a result of, “his weakened state from cancer and the treatments he’s been receiving.”

Paterno’s family revealed the ex-Penn State coach had a treatable form of lung cancer on November 18.

On Nov. 27, Paterno’s son Jay said of the cancer treatments his father was undergoing: “He’s going through treatments and stuff like that and he’s been handling it very well.

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Paterno Health Poor: ‘May Be His Last Christmas’

Tonight a Penn State athletic department official told SbB that Joe Paterno’s health is in rapid decine.

The Penn State source, who asked to remain anonymous because they were not authorized to speak for the Paterno family, was blunt in their assessment of the former Penn State football coach’s physical condition, telling SbB, “Joe is a lot closer to dying soon than the public is aware. It is very bad.

Paterno’s family revealed the ex-Penn State coach had a treatable form of lung cancer on November 18.

On Nov. 27, Paterno’s son Jay said of the cancer treatments his father was undergoing: “He’s going through treatments and stuff like that and he’s been handling it very well.

Today the Penn State Athletic Department source told SbB that Paterno is continuing to get daily cancer treatments but that, “it (cancer) is much worse than the family has let on.” 

The source added that those close to Paterno fear, “this may be his last Christmas.

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Steinberg Blames ‘Bizarre’ ASU For ‘Yanking’ Deal

In a statement to Mark Berman of FOX 26 in Houston today, Arizona State Chief Operating Officer Steve Patterson said that the school was no longer pursuing current SMU football coach June Jones for its own football coaching position.

Leigh Steinberg Blames ASU for pulling out of June Jones deal

Patterson: “June Jone is not going to be our coach. The process continues.

In response to Patterson’s announcement the agent of Jones, Leigh Steinberg, posted the following message on his official company blog:

“Just had one of the most bizarre endings to a set of productive discussions to bring a client to a new situation. Everything was set,few tweaks left,and the principal decision maker yanks the deal w no real explanation.”

In the aftermath of the announcements from both sides, multiple sources close to the negotiation told SbB today that the sticking point between the two parties was the $2 million buyout in Jones’ SMU contract.

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