NFL Allows Pacman Back On The Field - For Now

The wait is over for Pacman Jones, as the NFL has allowed the corrupted Cowboys cornerback to start practicing with his new team.

Pacman Jones necklace white

(Look how happy he is!)

However, Pacman’s reinstatement is only a partial return to the NFL ranks.

Todd Archer of the DALLAS MORNING NEWS replays what Roger Goodell told Jones on Monday. The NFL commish said that Pacman can participate in the Cowboys’ training camp and preseason games - but his status for the regular season still remains in the air.

It all depends on whether Pacman plays nice off the field:

According to a statement put out by the league, “Goodell told Jones that his continued participation in the NFL depends on demonstrating that he can conduct himself in a lawful and reliable manner. Jones will be expected to continue the personal conduct program established for him by the NFL and the Cowboys and to avoid further adverse involvement with law enforcement.”

Goodell is expected to make a final decision by September 1, six days before the Cowboys open their season in Cleveland against the Browns. So, can Pacman be good for the next three months?

Depends on what odds are being set in Vegas. But the Sin City sportsbooks are best advised to make sure Charles Barkley steers clear - and Pacman, too, for that matter.

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