Pacquiao KO Punch Somehow Kills 3 Filipino Fans

Ricky Hatton seems to have survived Saturday night’s knockout at the hands of Manny Pacquiao, thanks to some rehab with his long-legged fiance Jennifer Dooley and a couple of pints of Guinness. Unfortunately, some of the Filipino fighter’s fans didn’t.

Manny Pacquiao Ricky Hatton

Pacquiao’s 2nd-round jab to the English fighter’s jaw was a devastating one - so devastating, in fact, that three people in the Philippines died while watching it.

Steve Cofield of YAHOO! SPORTS punches up the story from the PHILIPPINE DAILY INQUIRER that three viewers - 64-year-old Francisco Lalongisip, 49-year-old Vic Ocampo & 52-year-old Ronaldo Cabang - were all felled by heart attacks the moment Manny landed the monster blow on Ricky.

Lalongisip had collapsed at a friend’s house while watching the fight, while Ocampo had collapsed during a public viewing at the Dapitan Sports Complex, and Cabang was watching the fight with his family when he “fell to the ground gasping for air”. Lalongisip & Ocampo were both declared dead on arrival at their respective hospitals, while the exact time of Cabang’s death wasn’t mentioned.

As if the actual fight wasn’t deadly enough, many viewers in the Philippines were ready to kill the local TV networks who were broadcasting the fight. The local stations threw in so many commercial breaks during the bout that the knockout wasn’t shown on screen until 2 hours after it actually happened.

Filipino viewer Mang Henry pretty much summed up the frustration of his fellow countrymen with the constantly-delayed telecast: “Nawala ang thrill… Nakakainis [The thrill is gone. It’s annoying].”

Nawala ang thrill, indeed.