Pacman Unplugged Again, High Score Reset To 0

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell suspended troubled Cowboys cornerback Adam Jones for at least 4 games on Tuesday.  The move follows his alcohol-induced fight with a bodyguard on Oct. 8 in a Dallas hotel.  The suspension could last longer depending on his behavior, which we’re all sure will improve this time.


(Mr. Jones doesn’t just have issues, he has a lifetime subscription)

According to

The decision on whether Jones can return to play this season will be based on his strict compliance with his NFL and Cowboys treatment plans as well as on evaluations of Jones’ progress that will be provided to Goodell by clinical experts retained by the NFL.

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 In case anyone has been living under a rock the last few years, or has been in jail but not yet shared a cell with Pacman:

Jones was suspended for the entire 2007 season for multiple violations of the league’s personal conduct policy. In reinstating Jones on Aug. 28, Goodell said that the player’s participation in the NFL depended on demonstrating that he can conduct himself in a socially responsible manner, avoiding any other conduct that brings disrespect to himself, his team, or the NFL.

Maybe this whole punishment thing just isn’t going to work for Jones.  Maybe we should try a reward system, like giving him a gold star every day he doesn’t get arrested.  Or a sunshine sticker with a smiley face for each evening he is able to pass without making it rain.

I wonder if Chris Henry is reading this somewhere and plotting his next idiotic stunt in this high stakes game of one-upmanship.