Blog-A-Roni: Pacman Chomping His Way To Big D

Matt Mosley of ESPN’s HASHMARKS notes what the biggest reaction was to the finalization of the Pacman-To-Cowboys trade: “Patrons of Dallas strip clubs were spotted running for the exits.”

• The SOUTH FLORIDA SUN SENTINEL checks in to see how well the Orange Bowl demolition is going.

Orange Bowl Demolition

• Taking a cue from the K.C. Royals, EVERY DAY SHOULD BE SATURDAY makes a date with the Oregon Ducks’ O-Line and their new calendar.

• Comedian Chris Elliott laces up with the New York Rangers. Man, we sure miss “Get A Life“.

• The AP sees no sibling rivalry here, as Darren McFadden’s sister plans on moving in with her brother, once they know where he’s going.

• We’re not sure which is more remarkable - the Cubs winning their 10,000th game, or Kerry Wood getting the win after blowing a save.

• Getting to know Tony Romo’s grandparents - en espanol!

• WICKED GOOD SPORTS notes that Jacoby Ellsbury is on his way to stealing a new MLB record.

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