Pacman To Appear On A Milk Carton Near You

As somebody who hates the Dallas Cowboys, the last few weeks have been wonderful to watch as the team continues to implode.   From T.O.’s incessant whining about not getting the ball, to Tony Romo’s broken pinkie, and finishing with the latest suspension of Pacman Jones.

Pacman faces an uncertain future, as he’s been suspended for a minimum of four games, but there’s no guarantee that Roger Goodell is going to allow him to play again.   Obviously the best thing Pacman can do while serving his suspension is lay low and get out of trouble, so he’s decided to do just that.  His plan?   Why he’s dropped off the face of the Earth.


More than a day after NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell suspended cornerback Pacman Jones, a league source tells us that no one from the Cowboys organization has been able to get in touch with Pacman.

There could be various legitimate explanations for the phenomenon.  Still, at this point, no one with the team knows where he is or what he’s up to.

Jones has been suspended indefinitely, and for a minimum of four games.  It’s unclear whether he’ll be welcomed back to the Cowboys if/when he is reinstated.

This isn’t exactly a surprise, as there are a lot of strip clubs in the Dallas area, so it’s probably going to take the Cowboys a while to call all of them and ask if Pacman’s there.   I’m sure he’ll show up shortly.

Of course, there’s always the possibility that Roger Goodell had him killed as part of his latest plan to get players in the league to start behaving, and protect the image of the NFL.

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