Pacman Jones On Video “I Want To Go To Dallas”

There’s new, really fun video of Pacman Jones, from an interview with ROLLING OUT:

The interview is barely two minutes, but Jones doesn’t disappoint, displaying his trademark irrepressible charm and sophisticated wit.

The highlight of the video for Tennessee fans is no doubt Jones saying he wants to ditch the Titans for the Cowboys. Jones: “Hopefully I can get out of Tennessee. I want to go to Dallas. We’ll see how it goes.

More: “I beat all the odds, I’m successful. Ain’t too many kids who can say they’ve done what I’ve done.

On having money for the first time: “I was splurging, 15 cars, three $400,000 (unintelligble, at least to us). I need to learn how to judge my money, slow down a little bit.

And the best: “I just want to get through to kids to watch their choices and watch who they hang out with.

This confirms what we’ve been saying for some time now. We can’t think of a better place for young, impressionable minds than chillin’ with Pac at Body Tap.