Pacman Jones Leaves Wrestling Ring For Recording Studio

• AOL FANHOUSE isn’t one to kiss and tell, as Raiders coach Lane Kiffin’s mystery illness most likely seems to be mono.

• Yo, yo, yo - USA TIZ-DAY gots the 411 on da Pacman bringin’ his off-da-hook mad skillz to da mic:

Pacman Flavor Flav


• BLEEDING BLUE AND SILVER wants people to get over Romo’s Playoff Uh-Oh.

• THE WIZARD OF ODDS knows where to stick the foam finger, as Arkansas’ Houston Nutt has a No. 1 ranking - on the coaches’ hot seat.

• The MONTREAL GAZETTE tips us that Michele Wie is hoping to get some advice from Wayne Gretzky:

Michelle Wie Wayne Gretzky

• The Great One may advise better human relation skills, as WAGGLE ROOM finds Wie’s caddy teed off and leaving her links.

• FIVE TOOL TOOL has 15 upgrades that didn’t make the Madden 08 cut.

• AWFUL ANNOUNCING keeps an eye on the sidelines as a new challenger to Erin Andrews emerges:

Erin Andrews Sophie Simone Cortina

• The ACTON INSTITUTE habeases their corpus in stating that Chris Berman’s being sued…along with George W. Bush, Lambeau Field and Tony Danza, just to name a few thousand.

• FLYERS FIELDHOUSE gives 10 reasons why blogs are better than the mainstream media.

• Peeled off of THE ONION headlines: F—ing Yankees, Reports Nation.

• The mother-in-law of Chris Benoit wants to know if her daughter or grandson died first - since it affects her inheritance:

Chris Benoit

• SOCAL SPORTS OBSERVED discovers former L.A. TIMES columnist J.A. Adande landing at the Worldwide Leader’s website.

• SIGNAL TO NOISE reports a recent SI cover boy from USC may be sending in his change-of-address form.