Pacman Jones Didnt Give A Damn What NFL Commissioner Goodell Thought At Atlanta Strip Club

PACMAN: “DIDN’T GIVE A DAMN” WHAT GOODELL THOUGHT: SPORTS BUSINESS DAILY has a sneak of what has been touted as a hard-hitting interview of Pacman Jones by Bryant Gumbel tonight on HBO’s “Real Sports” (10pm ET). The only really noteworthy exchange came when Gumbel (who also works for the NFL Network) queried Jones about his meeting with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Making It Rain

Gumbel: “After your meeting with Goodell, at which you promised to turn your life around, you were, days later, reportedly, at an Atlanta strip club where gunfire was later exchanged. … Given the commissioner’s warning, why would you put yourself in that environment?”

Jones: “I was kind of really upset, upset and I wasn’t really thinking about, ‘Well, should I do this, or?’ My whole thing was like, ‘I’m being treated unfairly.’

Pacman Jones

Gumbel: “You didn’t give a damn about what Goodell thought, at that point?”

Jones: “At that point, no, I didn’t.”