Pacman Jones’ CFL Adventure Done In By Ustream

As you’ve no doubt heard by now, Pacman Jones‘ Canadian Football League career ended before it began when the Winnipeg Blue Bombers (all hail Buzz and Boomer!) not only decided to pass on signing him, but banned him from their facilities.

Pacman Jones face

Jones was basically in with Winnipeg on Tuesday, and was reportedly only waiting for his passport to arrive before heading across the border for a press conference. But then, social networking reared its head once again. When will they ever learn? (Shakes head sadly). This time, ’twas Ustream that did the damage. Details, plus our inaugural class in the SbB Social Networking Hall of Shame, following the jump.

Jones was basically a CFL player until his rambling, shirtless Ustream show went on the air on Wednesday. Blue Bomber fans, already chafing over the troubled cornerback entering their environs, got one look at that and had a series of epileptic fits. The Blue Bombers then pulled the plug. No Pacman for you, Canada.

If you missed it, rest assured that the video was 44 minutes of glory. That is to say vintage Pacman: It made little sense, he was shirtless, and he got a key fact wrong. Like, it’s the CFL, Adam. Not the UFL. Excerpts:

“Don’t throw no dollars at me. If you want to throw somethin’ at me, throw me an NFL contract, man.”

“I’ve got a clause in my contract, when I get a call from an NFL team I can go over. I actually got two calls today, so if they tell me tomorrow that Pacman’s back, that’d be a bummer for all my Winnipeg fans.”

And now my favorite part:

“I’m excited bout comin to the UFL, I’m a big fan of the UFL …(receives phone call) … “Oh shit, I meant the CFL.”

Yeah, saying that he’s leaving this one-horse league as soon as an NFL offer turns up, that didn’t go over so well.


“I checked it out and I was just shaking my head the whole time I was watching it,” said Bomber running back Fred Reid. “It’s uncalled for and to have it on live TV … it’s inappropriate. I can understand where the coaches came from and their decision not to sign him after all. We don’t need that attitude in this lockerroom right now. He’s talking like he’s bigger than everything.”

The video has been removed from Ustream, and I can’t seem to find it anywhere, which is just as well I suppose. But what’s next for our protagonist? He’s already talked with the UFL’s New York Sentinels, but one side or the other decided that wouldn’t be a good fit, and Pacman opted for the Blue Bombers.

But the bigger issue seems to be this: When will pro athletes, and NFL players in particular, learn that social networking sites are not their friends? Giving the public a peek into your personal life only leads to trouble.

And now we present the inaugural members of the SbB Social Networking Hall of Shame:

  • Fake Chase Daniel. Real Chase Daniel issues Twitter plea for someone, anyone to root out his doppelganger, who had been posing as him on Facebook.
  • Quinn Ojinnaka. The Atlanta Falcons lineman was busted when his wife found love notes to another woman on his Facebook page. So he did the natural thing; he beat up the wife. Jailarity ensued.
  • Every cheerleader who ever posted a picture of themselves drinking on Facebook. You know who you are.

Who am I leaving out?