Pacman Jones Arrested Hot Tennis Photos

• FAN IQ is shocked (shocked!) to learn that model citizen Pacman Jones has run afoul of the law for car violations:

Pacman Moving Violations

• ARMCHAIR GM tallies a 5-7-5 record in previewing the NFC North by haiku.

• Tipped by SbBer Mark, THE SUN offers the real Wimbledon women’s finals you really want to see:

Ana Ivanovic Maria Kirilenko tennis babes

• Take some notes, Oliver Platt: THE SPORTS HERNIA can’t curb it’s enthusiasm over Larry David’s performances as George Steinbrenner.

• PART MULE can’t defend itself against the terror of the Chinese Water Cube Torture:

China Olympic Swim Center

• THIS IS LONDON has the gala premiere of David Beckham officially debuting the new duds for the LA Galaxy. Too bad they were leaked out a week earlier.

• When he’s not impregnating models or hiring non-union plumbers, Tom Brady is directing goofy sports films:

The Comebacks movie

• BLOWN COVERAGE discovers what a Mickey Mouse operation the Orlando Magic is in giving Rashard Lewis a $110 million deal.

• MY SIDE OF THE PUDDLE tells the strange dream of a kid getting a visit from the Carson Palmer Tooth Fairy:

Carson Palmer Tooth Fairy

• THE BEAUTIFUL GAME introduces the Soccerooligans.