Pacman Accused Of Lying About Vegas Strip Club Shootout; DNA From Bite Sought

PACMAN ACCUSED OF LYING ABOUT STRIP CLUB SHOOTOUT; POLICE SAY JONES’ ASSOCIATE MAY HAVE BEEN SHOOTER: The walls are closing in on Pacman Jones as employees of the Las Vegas strip club Monday morning have gone public about his role in a triple shooting which has left one bouncer paralyzed from the waist down.

Strip Club Owners Say Pacman Jones Is Lying About Las Vegas Shooting

While no one is accusing Jones of doing the shooting, the LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL reports “an associate of NFL player Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones might have been the person who shot three people early Monday morning outside a strip club, a Metropolitan Police Department source said.“Police source: “We think the link is strong, but we haven’t been able to verify it.

And owners of the club, called “Minxx”, told the newspaper on Tuesday that Jones was lying when he denied being anywhere near the shooting or shooter that night.

Club co-owner Robert Susnar: “He denied any knowledge of the shooter, but he was sitting right next to him. Those guys came in together and left together.

Susnar later said that Jones assaulted a stripper, and when a bouncer, Aaron Cudworth, intervened, Jones threatened to kill him. After a scuffle between the bouncer, Jones and Jones’ posse, the group moved outside.

The club owner indicated shots came from Jones’ group, hitting Cudworth, a female customer, and security guard Tom Urbanski. Urbanski is now permanently paralyzed from the waist down.

Urbanski’s father Don: “He’s going to be paralyzed for life, and what did he do? I just want somebody to pay for it.

Club Owner Susnar: “What does he get for a hard day’s work? A bullet in the spine because of a jackass athlete. It’s the most tragic thing I can imagine.

SbB has also learned from sources close to the victims that bouncer Cudworth was bit on the leg - near his ankle - and that Pacman may have been the biter. Police swabbed the scraping mark for DNA.

The gun used in the shooting was a 9MM automatic weapon. Cudworth had his forearm shattered by a bullet and another bullet tore through a chest muscle, lodging in his shoulder.

The female patron who was hit needed to have surgery to remove a bullet lodged behind her ear.