Lets Favre Retirement Plan Slip Out?

Chris Mottram of THE SPORTING BLOG has news that earlier today posted a headline on its breaking news page that said “Favre To Retire,” along with a caption that read “Packers quarterback Brett Favre has announced he will retire.”

Brett Favre Needs A Ball Washer

The posting drew a flurry of response from sites like PRO FOOTBALL TALK. It was then quickly removed from the site. But thanks to the space age miracle that is screen grab software, Mottram was able to capture the previous page as an image. Favre To Retire

The image indicates that it was a premature post, with the “text” denotation under the photo caption. It might be a standard template in case Favre were to retire suddenly (think those insta-obits by the networks). But is this perhaps a sign of things to come?

UPDATE: Packers Public Relations Director Jeff Blumb to WTMJ-AM in Milwaukee: “There’s nothing to it.

Blumb also “stated they prepare the story every year, just in case he does retire.”

Hmmm. Why aren’t we convinced?