Green Bay Packer Plans For Favre, Jeffrey Dahmer

When asked about the current playing status of Vikings quarterback Brett Favre this week, Green Bay Packers Linebacker Nick Barnett tipped us off just how extensive - and indiscriminate - his team’s defense preparation will be this season.

Nick Barnett ready for Favre, Norman Bates, Jeffrey Dahmer or Saddam Hussein

(No shortage of defensive schemes this season for Pack)

“If he is retired, congratulations. If he’s not, we have the same goal, and that’s to hit him. It doesn’t matter if he retires or not or whoever’s playing quarterback over there - Norman Bates, Jeffrey Dahmer, Saddam Hussein, doesn’t matter. We still have the same goal in mind, to terrorize him.”

Video from WFRV-TV in Green Bay:

None of the gathered media followed up with Barnett about his delightful, non-sequitur comment yet some saw fit to include what he said in their reporting.

It’s as if the reporters didn’t want to call too much attention to the Dahmer reference as some locals might somehow find it offensive, but couldn’t resist spicing up their stories with it.

If you’re going to include something like that in a story, you can’t just leave that one comment dangling. There has to be a follow. As in, where on earth did those references come from? That’s a standalone story unto itself waiting to happen.

Especially if you’re a sports writer mired in the throes of droning pap-filled training camp interviews.