Eli Has ‘Seinfeld’, Pack Has Own DVD Inspiration

Let Eli keep his ‘Seinfeld’ discs - the Packers already have their own special DVDs for inspiration.

The WISCONSIN STATE JOURNAL reports that Green Bay defensive end Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila gave out over 300 copies of a low-budget religious movie to teammates & staff prior to this season.

The 2006 film - typical story of underdog football team overcoming great odds to beat local powerhouse - was made by members of a Georgia church for only $100,000. Yet, it’s grossed over $10 million (likely with a little help from KGB’s purchase).

Facing The Giants movie poster

The name of the film? “Facing The Giants.”

KGB had shown a clip from the movie during a preseason team meeting. But just to make sure he got his point across, he ended up splurging on discs for everyone.

A.J. Hawk was impressed with Kabeer’s generosity: “He bought that DVD — Kabeer is definitely one of the cheapest guys I know — and he even said, ‘Obviously me buying these DVDs for you guys, I feel like they can really help you. And I feel like they can help this team.’

Kabeer remembers the premiere in the Lambeau office didn’t result in immediate glowing reviews: “When people saw it, they said it didn’t make any sense, it was kind of irrelevant. But now when you watch it, this is kind of how the Packers’ (season) has been.

KGB Packers sack hunger letter

In fact, Kabeer plans on re-watching it before suiting up against the G-Men. If the Pack win, expect ShopKo’s movie section to sell out.