Packers Fans Lock Kid In Room To Watch Game At Casino

WACKY PACKER BACKERS LOCK UP CHILD TO WATCH GAME: A couple of crazy Packers fans will spend the next few months jumping and jeering from jail after locking their kid up in a room while watching the game at a casino:

Packers Drive Casino

The MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL reports that Scott Scherer and Melanie Hadrath were found guilty of locking Hadrath’s young son in his room, leaving him a bucket to use as a toilet. The pair did it so they could beat a path to the Potawatomi Bingo Casino to watch Brett Favre & Co.

Packers house overdone

The neglectful nimrods are believed to have spent almost $1 million on Green Bay memorabilia over the years. Yet, they couldn’t cough up $20-$30 for a babysitter?

Packers dirty house

And judging by photos of the demented duo’s happy home, a $3 bottle of Tilex also seemed out of the question.

But will prison be enough to teach these two a lesson? One of the lawyers in the case suggested more cruel & unusual punishment: “Maybe this coming football season, lock them in a room with a bucket and make them watch Bears games.”