Packers Fan Tapes Up Son For Not Wearing Jersey

One Green Bay fan wanted to share his Packers pride with his son - whether the kid liked it or not.

Packers Rodgers Jersey Duct Tape

WISC-TV reports that Matthew Kowald was arrested for restraining his 7-year-old son with tape, after the boy refused to wear a Packers jersey. (Maybe it was Mark Chmura’s.)

Authorities say the mother of the boy called police on Saturday, after Kowald tied his son up with tape and kept him that way for about an hour - even taping the offending jersey onto the kid for a time.

Two charges against Kowald - causing mental harm to a child and false imprisonment - were dropped on Wednesday. But the tape-mad Packer backer was still ticketed for domestic disorderly conduct.

Kid wearing Packers jersey for 4 years

Bet Kowald wishes he had this kid.