Pack Fan Sadly Shreds NFC Championship Ticket

With friends like these, who need enemies? The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports that a Packers fan asked a pal to help him out - only to see one of his NFC Championship tickets shredded.

Packers pope fan shredder

The Rev. Walter Hermanns suffers from multiple sclerosis & is confined to a wheelchair. So the reverend called upon a good samaritan to help him out with some of his paperwork, including the shredding of some papers left in a bin. Unfortunately, four tickets to Sunday’s game were in the same bin.

As a result, the reverend’s pal grab the tix, took off the rubber band holding them together, and proceeded to shred the first one - not realizing his mistake until it was too late.

Luckily for Hermanns, he contacted the Packers ticket office, and after much explaining, got a new stub. But who would shred such valuable items?

We guess the reverend is buddies with Rich Rodriguez.