Packers Cowboys Tix Most Expensive Ever For Regular Season NFL Game

PACKERS-COWBOYS TIX BRINGING IN BIG BUCKS IN BIG D: The DALLAS MORNING NEWS scalps word that tickets for tonight’s Cowboys-Packers contest are fetching the most money ever for an NFL regular season game:

Packers Tickets

Online ticket merchant StubHub says the game is shaping up to be their best-ever seller, with prices averaging $285 per ticket. One fan coughed $2,350 for the pleasure of parking his keyster in Texas Stadium.The game between traditional NFC powers has a lot at stake, with each team coming in at 10-1. And it’s no secret that Packers fans travel well, with plenty of Cheeseheads expected to clog the stands.

NFL Network

With the game on the NFL Network, showing up in person is the only way most fans will be able to see any action.