Packers Talked To Vikings About Acquiring Favre

Usually, when an employer offers a former employee, oh, say, $20 million to stay retired, that’s exactly what happens. Unfortunately for the Packers front office, Brett Favre isn’t just any “former employee,” he’s, well, Brett Favre.

Brett Favre point

Which is why he turned down the hush money and is currently in Green Bay ready to compete for the starting job with Aaron Rodgers.

However, according to the MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL, the Packers still could trade Favre, possibly to their divisional rival, the Minnesota Vikings.

An executive in personnel for a National Football League team with close ties to clubs in the NFC North Division told the Journal Sentinel that the Packers called the Vikings on Friday informing them that Favre was available.

“They’ve kind of said through one of their (front-office) guys that if Favre did report they would potentially trade him within the division,” the executive said late Sunday afternoon.

To sum up: This would be potentially swell news for Rodgers, who spent the three previous NFL seasons as Favre’s backup, and was the Packers starter for a whopping six days into training camp before the latest insane development; bad news for Packers fans (particularly those hard-core types who showed up to welcome Favre’s private jet back to town); good news for the Minnesota Vikings, a team many people feel are one player away from making a deep postseason run; and bad news for Tarvaris Jackson … and everybody else who wants this story to go away.