Packers Bikini Girls Might Steer Clear Of The Video

We thought it a shame that the Packers didn’t make it to the Super Bowl this season. Not because we wanted Brett Favre to go out as the true Gunslinger that he is. But because of the Packers Bikini Girls, who we all spotted on Sunday.

Packers Bikini Girls Video

As you would expect, the trio is now being besieged by the media, and no doubt will appear decked out in Pepperjack panties in Maxim before too long. Chris Mottram of MISTER IRRELEVANT and THE SPORTING BLOG spots some video of the Ice Queens, and sadly, it does disappoint a little.

The are truly authentic Wisconsin girls though, with their accents and cute little beer bellies (except for their disappointing claim that they don’t drink during games).

UPDATE: One of the girls, as jcon4pack” is apparently on a discussion thread over at YARDBARKER. She jumped in the fray after someone called the girls “slutty”. And verified her identity by posting a personal pic of the three sisters.

Packers Bikini Girls

Here’s one of her comments: “You Guys are all stupid! These are my sisters. They are definatly NOT Slutty! They do this because they love the Packers. This is the forth year they have been doing this and all four years they have been on TV. You guys are just jealous that you dont have some one as good looking as them at home!”