Packer Backers Picky In Regards To Selling Seats

Any Giants fans hoping to snag a seat at Lambeau Field better open up their wallets - and be on their best behavior.

Lambeau Field crowd

The NEW YORK DAILY NEWS reports that ticket prices for Sunday’s NFC Championship Game are averaging over $600 a seat, with some stubs going as high as $3,500 each.

But the cost shouldn’t be too steep for some G-Men fans, who made a nice profit of their own selling their seats to Pats backers back in December.

But Packer Backers are being cautious about who they give their goods to.

Lambeau Field has a policy in which ticketholders are responsible for the behavior in their seats - no matter whose fanny is filling it. As one Craigslist seller warned, “I do not want to jeopardize these tickets on some drunken Giants fan who gets thrown out and the tickets taken away.”

drunk NY Giants Fans

But the seller is willing to risk his 4 seats for $850 a pop. However, drunken Packers fans would be preferable, as they can nab these seats for only $400 each.

Then again, a real Packers fan wouldn’t be doing business with the enemy.