Packer Backer Sacked; McCarthyism Lives Again!

Okay, we have Mike Wood, a janitor in Green Bay who was fired after his superior apparently heard him say an untoward remark to Packers head coach Mike McCarthy. Without hearing another detail, we already have a pit rising in our stomachs, because well… here we go again.

Senator Mike McCarthy Packers Coach
(”I hold in my hand a list of 55 service workers right here at Lambeau who are avowed anti-Lombardists…”)

After all, it does seem a little unnerving that there’s a guy in Wisconsin… named McCarthy… calling for the heads of people who don’t support his cause enough. It didn’t end well at all. So let’s see just how bad this janitor’s behavior was, shall we?

From WTMJ 620 AM in Milwaukee:

Wood tells the JOURNAL SENTINEL he yelled, “Hey coach, let’s get the boys ready to kick some butt this weekend,” while McCarthy chatted with crew members as the Packers were getting ready to play the Vikings November 1st.Wood got let go the following Monday after Green Bay lost to Minnesota.

A supervisor told him McCarthy thought he’d heard Wood say “don’t lay an egg”, which Wood denies.

Okay, okay. Wood’s whole “mistaken for saying something negative when actually you said something positive” sounds awfully familiar. That’s because I tried it with my parents when I was 12, and I hadn’t actually said that thing that was actually positive. It didn’t work, because I was 12 and not very good at lying.

So where does Coach Ironfist fit into all this?

“I did not fire anybody in the maintenance department. I can tell you that.” said Packers Coach Mike McCarthy on 620WTMJ’s “Wisconsin’s Morning News.”

“I’m not in charge of the maintenance department.”

The Packers issued a statement, saying Wood’s bosses determined he made an inappropriate comment and was relieved of his duties.

Okay. So McCarthy probably heard Wood say something a bit more negative than “go team sports Packers win Super Bowl of my heart every year,” then probably said something like “can you believe that a-hole?” to someone else, then probably went on his way. Word gets around, superior hears about it (if the superior wasn’t already there to hear it himself,” and out Wood goes.

Mike Florio over at PFT speculates that this will spell doom for the McCarthy regime; he also takes Wood’s story as true, no questions asked. Usually, when someone says they’ve heard an insult, it’s probably because they have actually heard an insult, and it’s curious that Florio isn’t addressing the idea that the decision could have come from one of Wood’s superiors (he’s a maintenance worker, so he’s probably got plenty of superiors).

So If McCarthy did grab someone by the throat and say, “I WANT THAT JANITOR GONE ARRARRRGH,” obviously, that’s bad news. But it sounds more like an imaginative blogger fantasy than the way people usually behave. Have we no sense of decency?