Pac-10 Commish Denies Wednesday Utah Presser reported Tuesday evening:

Pac-10 Commissioner Denies Wednesday Utah Announcement

The Pacific-10 Conference will extend an invitation to the University of Utah to become the league’s 12th team, Comcast SportsNet has learned exclusively from sources close to the situation.

A press conference is expected to formalize the announcement on Wednesday.

Following the report, Lya Wodraska of the SALT LAKE TRIBUNE reported that Pac-10 Commissioner Larry Scott denied that a Wednesday announcement was forthcoming:

 A report is out that the Pac-10 will extend an invitation to Utah and a press conference is expected Wednesday. However, John Henderson from the Denver Post just spoke directly to Pac-10 commissioner Larry Scott who denied the report.

 In addition, MWC officials I just spoke with said they have not received any notification from Utah that it is leaving and Utah associate athletic director Liz Abel said there was “nothing new to report.”

 Course, a lot of things that are true have been denied by a lot of people. Perhaps the Pac-10 just wants to make it official on its own terms.

 This rumor could be wrong and right at the same time. Several sources have said the Pac-10 wants to move quickly in inviting the Utes, so maybe the offer isn’t a done deal now, but it could be by tomorrow.

 The fun continues…

Often principals of these kind of reports play around semantics, so Scott’s denial doesn’t mean that Utah isn’t still on course for the Pac-10.