Guillen’s Latino Lament Over Chicago’s Twit Snit

The Chicago media is buzzing about White Sox GM Kenny Williams being upset that Ozzie Guillen refuses to give up his Twitter account. Guillen recently tweeted about that reaction:

Ozzie Guillen Spanish Tweet

(Ozzie’s sons helping with tweets. Not with grammar.)

Probably not a coincidence that Guillen chose to express his lament in his native Spanish.

Translated, the Tweet means:

Hello to my fellow Latinos thank you for the special opportunity to my country of Venezuela but I don’t know why these people give me a headache.

With Guillen, his Twitter account will either become a daily must-see or he’ll eventually abandon it. No in-between with that guy. He’ll keep tweeting if the Sox win this season but if the team loses he’ll eventually get rid of the account because it would only serve as another source of embarrassment.

Same principle as a well-known ballplayer who plays for a horrible team. You think he wants to be seen in public in-season when his club sucks? All that would entail would be riddle and ridicule.