Ozzie’s On-Air Offspring Gets OK To Critique Dad

While Ozzie Guillen loves to banter, his son is just as vocal, if not vicious.

Ozzie Guillen and son

Teddy Greenstein of the CHICAGO TRIBUNE listens in on Ozzie Guillen, Jr., as the son of the White Sox manager works his way through the Chicago airwaves. Junior currently does color commentary for Spanish-language broadcasts on one station, and has an hour-long Sunday night show en ingles on another.

When covering the Sox, the 23-year-old Guillen isn’t afraid to question his dad’s on-field decisions. And Pops isn’t all that perturbed by it:

“That’s something my dad has been supportive about. He says: ‘If you think I make the wrong move, you should comment on it. You shouldn’t always be positive about the team because then you’re being biased.’ “

So, is there anything about Junior’s broadcasting that does cause concern for Ozzie? Only when his kid tries to bring up family matters:

“When I was on his show,” Guillen said, “he was saying, ‘my father, my father …’ I told him: ‘Just say the manager of the White Sox.’ “

Good to see Ozzie teaching his son that it’s nusiness first, bonding second.

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