Blog-O-Rama: Josh Beckett Packs On The Pounds

• DEADSPIN thinks it’s safe to say that Josh Beckett hasn’t been taking steroids in the off-season:

Josh Beckett is fat

• The KANSAS CITY STAR is spooked by the thought of the ghost of wrestler Owen Hart haunting Kemper Arena.

• HUGGING HAROLD REYNOLDS takes a secret glance at a new way to spy in the NFL.

• RANDBALL dribbles over news that Jerry Stackhouse’s big mouth isn’t helping the Jason Kidd trade, either.

• THE WORLD OF ISAAC asks the important questions - like, what was the hottest SI swimsuit cover?

Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover Elle Macpherson, Kathy Ireland, Rachel Hunter

• JOE SPORTS FAN pulls up a chair, as Eli Manning enjoys a meal with Yogi Berra.

• BULLZ-EYE eavesdrops on what Roger Clemens & Brian McNamee talked about before this whole Mitchell Report thing.

• Speaking of the Rocket, Peter Abraham of the WESTCHESTER JOURNAL-NEWS finds at least one player who believes good ol’ Rog - Jorge Posada.

• G4 asks Ryan Howard what’s it like wearing a tight red bodysuit.

Ryan Howard video game motion suit

• SPORTS COLUMN finds some fans turning their backyard into a scaled-down Super Bowl XLII (with time-lapse video).

• The LADIES… celebrate their one-year anniversary.

• THE BEAUTIFUL GAME boots over behind-the-scenes video of the recent US-Mexico soccer clash.