Outrage: England Telecast Missed Brits First Goal

England gave away a possible World Cup win over the U.S.A. today thanks to a goalkeeper gaffe, but at least the Brits had one goal against America to cheer about in what ended a 1-1 tie.

England National Telecast Misses Brits First Goal

If only they’d seen it.

The United Kingdom’s national ITV HD telecast inexplicably cut to commercial just as Steven Gerrard scored England’s lone goal of the match.

Now for the best part, from the LONDON DAILY MAIL:

Bookmakers Paddy Power had offered pre-tournament odds of 8/1 for the broadcaster to show any ad during play of any match in South Africa with pressure on ITV following their infamous Tic Tacs moment in February 2009.

That’s right, there were actually odds given by bookmakers that such an gaffe would happen.